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Electrolyte analyzer (K/Na/Ca/pH/Cl) AEC-01


It is intended for measurement of concentration of ions sodium, potassium and chlorine in whey or plasma of blood. Service is reduced to replacement solutions.





Convenience in work:

  • fully automated;
  • deep self-diagnostics;
  • input of sample from any laboratory utensils;
  • built-in thermoprinter;
  • not volatile memory for 1600 results .

Simplicity in service:

  • absence adjusting procedures;
  • all reagents are ready for the use;
  • the electrodes do not require service and easily are substituted;
  • automatic monitoring of a condition of electrodes;
  • automatic control of the solutions charge.


  • minimal influence of the human factor on the device;
  • Standby mode (provides trouble-free operation in case of long-term deenergizing).

Technical characteristics:

  • Measuring range:
Ion Measuring range
К+ 0.2...40.0 mmol/l
Na+ 20.0...200.0 mmol/l
Ca++ 0.10...6.00 mmol/l
pH 6.000…9.000
25.0...200.0 mmol/l
  • The unit of the least category of the device's digital indicator within the range :
К+ 0.01 mmol/l
Na+ 0.1 mmol/l
Ca++ 0.01 mmol/l
pH 0.001
0.1 mmol/l
  • sample volume 200 µl;
  • Measuring time (with washing) 60 s;
  • Dimensions and weight: 385х310х260 mm, 8 kg .


  • working life of the electrodes - more than 1 year.


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