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pH/blood gas/electrolyte analyzer EC-60E

It is intended for fast and accurate determination of pH, K+, Na+, Ca++, pCO2 and pO2 in heparinized whole blood samples. In addition to the measured parameters, this analyzer will also calculate 14 additional parameters. It is completed by electrodes of Roche (series OMNI), which not require service during all service life. This Analyzers are issued by the enterprise KwertyMed since 2005 and are maintained in many clinics of Russia.



Convenience in work:

  • fully automated;
  • deep self-diagnostics;
  • built -in thermoprinter ;
  • not volatile memory for 70 results and for 30 quality control results;
  • input of test from a capillary and from a syringe .

Simplicity in service:

  • built - in gasmixer;
  • all reagents are ready for the use;
  • electrodes do not require service and easily are substituted;
  • automatic monitoring of a condition of electrodes;
  • service is reduced to replacement solutions ;
  • minimum of starting-up and adjusting operations .


  • working life of the electrodes - not less than 1 year;
  • minimal influence of the human factor on the device;
  • Standby mode (provides trouble-free operation in case of long-term deenergizing).

Technical characteristics :

  • measuring range:
Parameter measuring range
pO2 0...800.0 mm Hg
pCO2 8.0...200.0 mm Hg
рН 6.400...8.000
К+ 0,20...40.00 mmol/l
Na+ 20.0...200.0 mmol/l
Ca++ 0.10…6.00 mmol/l
  • sample volume 120 мкл;
  • measuring cicle (include washing) 150 sec;
  • dimensions and weight: 385х310х260 mm, 10 kg.

Input parameters:

  • actual patient temperature values (T) (5.0...50.0 С°);
  • haemoglobin (HB) (0...400 g/l);
  • FiO2 (0.10...1.00)

Calculated parameters:

  • actual bicarbonate (HCO3);
  • total СО2 (TCO2);
  • base excessin blood (BEb);
  • base excess in cell's liquid (BEecf);
  • buffer bases (BB);
  • standard bicarbonate (SBC);
  • oxygen saturation (SAT);
  • oxygen contents in blood (O2CT);
  • respirate index (RI);
  • alveolar - artherial gradient O2 (AaDO2);
  • calcium for pH=7,4 (nCa++);
  • pH with temperature correction (pHt);
  • CO2 with temperature correction (CO2t);
  • O2 with temperature correction (O2t).


  • low cost of 1analysis (spare parts and consumable items).

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