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We offer :

  • Acid-base analyzers (pH/blood gas analyzers);
  • Electrolyte analyzers;
  • Glucose/lactate analyzers.

All devices are recommended to application by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and have all necessary allowing documents.



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pH/blood gas/electrolyte analyzer EC-60 (pH, CO2, O2, K, Na, Ca)

Additions to pH/blood gas analyzer EC-60:

  • sodium, potassium and calcium measurement ;
  • 14 calculated parameters;
  • memory for 70 results;
  • memory for 30 quality control results.

Electrolyte analyzer AEC-01. From (K, Na) to (K, Na, Ca, pH, Cl)

Free choice of the measured parameters from (K, Na) to (K, Na, Ca, pH, Cl) only by setting the respective electrodes. Complete with a new generation of the electrodes, requiring no maintenance during its life.

Glucose and Lactate analyzer AGKM-01K

  • the turntable on 40 positions, including the service positions;
  • automatic filling system reagent to microtest tubes;
  • memory for 8000 results;
  • 160 results per hour.

Glucose and Lactate analyzer AGKM-01

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